Authenticate - Add/Update Facebook Account  

1. Before Adding or Updating a Facebook account, ensure that you are logged into Facebook (in another window/tab) with the Facebook user account you want to Add or Update.

2. After 'Sign In' to your     account, select 'Settings' from the navigation menu.

3. From the 'Settings' page, select 'Facebook Accounts' from the menu options on the left hand side.

4. Click the  'Add/Update Facebook Account' button/link.

5. From the pop-up window that opens select either:

  • Select 'Authenticate the App' to Add a Facebook account (required for first time use)   or  
  • Select 'Get app access token' to update and renew Facebook account information for Facebook account that has previously been Authenticated. Continue with instructions below from point 9.

6. If it is a first time Authentication, a pop-up screen from Facebook will ask you to confirm you would like to continue authenticating the HTC App. Click 'OK'.

7. The next pop-up screen from Facebook will ask you to set the privacy settings of your posts that will be made from the   account. IMPORTANT - set privacy settings to PUBLIC to ensure that all your  posts will be visible to all Group members, then click 'OK'. This does not effect your standard privacy settings for any other posts you make on your Facebook account, only the posts made from the   account.

8. The final pop-up window from Facebook will ask you to confirm all actions. Click 'OK' to finalise. Next screen may be blank Facebook page, or 'page not found', close pop-up window.

9. Click the 'Get app access token' link. Facebook developers pop-up window will open with a long Access Token Code available. Double click on the Access Token Code to highlight it, then copy to clipboard. Very often with first time Authentication, Facebook returns a blank where the Access Token is supposed to be, if this happens, simply close the pop-up and repeat the process (i.e. - click on the 'Get app access token' link again) and this time an Access Token Code will be available. Close the pop-up when you have copied the Access Token Code to your clipboard.

10. Paste from clipboard, the Access Token Code into the input box, then select 'Add Facebook Account'. If your Access Token Code was correctly copied and pasted, you will receive a success message on screen. You can now close the pop-up window.

11. Your Facebook account has now been authenticated and/or updated. Click on the Home link at the top of the window ( logo) to return to your listing.

An Access Token needs to be retrieved and submitted to Facebook each time you want to update your Facebook account details in your F Plus! account. This update includes any new Groups or Pages you have added or joined, or any Groups or Pages you have left.
If you need to change the permissions on the HTC App, you will need to first delete it in your Facebook account settings and then complete the Ádd Facebook Account' procedure again in your F Plus! account. To do this, login to Facebook with the required account, select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the header bar. From the 'Settings' menu select Apps. Look for the HTC App in your Apps and remove it. Return to your F Plus! account and complete the 'Add Facebook account' procedure again, and choose the user permissions you require when prompted.

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