Create and Add to a Category

1. Login to your user account. Open any of your listings. Go to the AMPLIFY section and sign in to your   account. 

2. In the Add category input box, type in the name of the Category you would like to add and then click the '+'. A success message will be shown if the category has been successfully created.

3. After creating a new Category, click the Home button ( logo) for the screen to re-load, then check from the Categories drop-down that your new category has been added.

4. To add Groups. Pages or Profiles to a category, first select check boxes the Groups, Pages and Profiles you would like add to a category, then click '+' to add the selection to a Category. The system will then prompt you to select the required Category from a drop-down. Select and Save.

5. Click on the Category you have added a selection to, wait for the system to re-load, then check to see your selection has been added to the category.

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