Embed Code  

Add listings to Facebook page using Embed Code:

1. Login to your Facebook account in a separate window, then follow this link  Static HTML Tabs - iframe Tabs .

2. Click the 'Add Static HTML to a page' button.

3. Select the page to add the Static HTML tab to from the dropdown  and then click 'Add Page Tab'.

4. When your new Tab has been added to your Facebook page, you will be directed to your Facebook Page with the new Tab open. Select the 'Edit Tab' button.

5. In the text box, replace all the instructions text with your code from the 'Embed Listings' section on your account 'Settings' page.

6. Click 'Save & Publish' and then click 'View on Facebook'.

7. Your Sales listings should now be embedded in your Facebook page.

8. You can re-order your Tabs and re-name your new Tab using the 'Manage Tabs' option at the bottom of your Tabs. To change the name of your Tab, click on 'Apps' in the Manage Tabs section and select the 'edit settings' option on the Static HTML: iframe Tabs app.

9. Facebook Page Samples with embedded listings

Use of your embed code is free. At present, the Static HTML: iframe Tab APP is also free to use for a single additional Facebook Page Tab.
The embed code can be used anywhere that basic html code can be used. For instance, use the embed code to insert your current listings into emails. Or you can use the embed code to display your listings on your own website - visit yourmodel.site to see an example of embedded listings in a website.

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