Create a tracking pixel for Facebook Advertising  

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. In a separate window, open this link to go to Facebook Ads Manager to create pixel.

3. Copy the Facebook Pixel Code to clipboard. Create a text document, and paste the Pixel code into the text document.

4. From the text document, copy only the Pixel code ID number (the part of the code in blue, Numbers ONLY) to your clipboard.

5. Paste the Pixel ID number into the Facebook Pxel ID field on your Settings page in your profile. (refer 'Settings' for help). Save your Settings to update the information.

6. Open any of your individual sales listings to 'fire' the pixel. If you have copied and pasted  the pixel ID number correctly, you will receive a notification from Facebook that your Pixel code is now active.

7. Use the Facebook Ad Manager to create audiences you would like to track with your Facebook Pixel.


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