Schedule a Post

1. Login to your user account. Open the listing you would like to create a posting schedule for. Go to the AMPLIFY section and sign in to your   account. 

2. Select the audience you would like to schedule this post to. Choose as required, a category, or individual groups, pages and/or profile. 

3. Edit any of the options you would like changed from the default (i.e. - the image, the name, the description, etc.,).

4. Click 'Save Post' and enter a unique identifying name for this post.

5. Click 'Scheduled Posts' and select the date and time you would like posting to commence. Please note the time indicated in red is the current server time. Saved times are based on this, the server time. Ensure you adjust your posting time preference according to the timezone you are in.

6. To finish, click 'Save the schedule'.

7. To save a schedule for the same listing, click the Home button ( logo) and start again with selecting your audience. IMPORTANT - when saving this second (or third) post for a different schedule, ensure that you use a unique Post name each time, otherwise you will overwrite your existing, rather than create a new Post.

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