Add Tawk to your Listings  

1. Sign up for, or Login to, your free account 

2. Select 'Admin' tab on top menu.

3. Copy 'Widget Code' to clipboard. The Widget Code is at the top right hand side of your screen.

4. Paste the widget code into a text file (e.g. Microsoft Word).

5. Select and copy your ID number from the embed url contained in the Widget Code.

6. Paste the ID number from your Widget code in the 'Tawk ID Number' field of your Profile 'Settings' on our website and 'save changes'.

7. Configure the appearance and settings of your Tawk widget in your Tawk account on the website.

8. Handy Tip - Include the Tawk Widget Code on your own website.

For more information on the service, visit their website.


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