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The cornerstone of our user websites is 'ENABLEMENT'. The platform and tools we provide are intended to ENABLE the user to leverage the power the internet offers to reach and communicate with their market. The resources we provide ENABLE the user to display, connect and communicate quickly and easily, at an affordable cost, and on a scale that has previously only been available to large, tech savvy enterprises.  The tools and resources we provide can be divided into four elements:

  1. Integration - Integration across multiple platforms, including websites, Facebook pages, and email. 
  2. Amplify - Powerful, free Amplification of listings across social media in an organised, scheduled and recorded approach. 
  3. Tracking - Easy access to third party audience tracking for the creation of powerful "Re-target" audiences for sponsored promotions. 
  4. Communication - Simple setup of live chat and advanced communication tools allowing the user to provide extended customer service and attention across multiple platforms. 

Integration provides the user with the ability to spread their influence over multiple channels without any additional effort (beyond the initial setup) or cost.

User individual listings and listing summaries on our websites are designed to be simply and freely  integrated into:

  • Facebook pages -  both desktop on mobile platforms. With our embed code setup on a user's Facebook page, all their individual sales listings are accessible to their customers directly from their Facebook page on both the mobile and desktop platforms. This allows a user to provide a direct business relevance to their Facebook page, without additional cost or effort. Our embedded listings and summaries are completely 'white-label' - providing a clean, professional appearance.
  • Emails - with our embed code, a user can embed their individual listings and listing summaries simply, easily and effectively in their emails, to provide an up to the minute (every minute!) sales email. Using the embed code, a user's email will display the latest updated listings every time the customer views or opens the email.
  • Websites - Because our embed code displays clean, 'white-label' views of listings and summaries with display results that are searchable and refineable, code is perfect for use within a users own website environment. 
  •  For both the Facebook embed and the user website embed, our code provides the additional advantage of incorporating our live chat/messaging options of Tawk.to  as well as direct access to the Google translate facility. 

For details on how to use the Embed code, please click here.

Amplify - Establishing a presence on the internet is only a small part of the process of the user fulfilling their sales objectives.  Once a presence has been established through listings on one of our websites and with the use of our embed codes, the user can now use our AMPLIFY tools to generate huge  volumes of targeted, relevant traffic. This is primarily achieved through the use of our   service, which allows the user to PRO-ACTIVELY market their own listings through the vast network of community groups within Facebook. With the   tool, a user can schedule, post and record their 'shares'  of their listings to significant numbers of relevant and targeted community groups, wherever in the world they choose.

Listings that have been 'Amplified', consistently produce customer views of between 20 and 80 views per Group posting (in a 24 hour period). A single listing can be posted to anything up to 80 - 100  groups (in a 24 hour period), and a user can realistically expect to achieve anything from 500 - 5000 views on a single listing after using the   tool (in a 24 hour period).

For details on how to use the   tool and AMPLIFY -  click here.

Tracking - With  a substantial audience being reached through Amplifying with the   tool, a user on our websites has the ability to quickly, easily and without additional cost, create and utilise a Facebook tracking pixel to start creating their own 'Re-Target' audience of all potential customers that have viewed their listings over any period from 1 - 180 days. 

A 'Re-Target' audience is estimated to be 3 - 4 times more effective than a standard audience, and our facilities provide the user with a simple, near tech-free way to create their own significant 'Re-Target' audience without any initial advertising expense. Any potential customers viewing the users listings in Facebook Groups, on the user's Facebook page, in emails, and on their own website are all continuously adding to the user's 'Re-Target' market. Using Facebook's 'Re-Target' audiences, the user has the ability to utilise Facebook's paid promotion platforms to target very specific demographics within their Re-Target audience and maximise the efficiency of their advertising spend to greatest effect. 

For details on how to create a tracking pixel and use it in your listings please  click here.

Communication - Being accessible to an audience, reaching that audience, and then re-target marketing are only meaningful if the user is also effectively able to communicate with, and provide service to, potential customers and their inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.

Our facilities allow the user to quickly, easily, and without extra cost, deploy the services of Tawk    on their listings, so that all their listings, on our website, their Facebook page, their emails, and their own website, offer a 'live chat' and messaging service, that is multi-user and highly configurable complete with mobile app and notifications. 

For details on how to create a Tawk account and use it in your listings please  click here.